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Why Choose us

We Litigate Injuries Resulting from Dangerous Drugs and Devices

Levin Citron Rodal is your powerful voice when you or a loved one has been injured by dangerous or defective drugs and devices.

Our legal team works with exceptionally talented medical experts to ensure we are on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical litigation. When fighting the big pharmaceutical corporations, you need every advantage available. At Levin Citron Rodal, we have assembled a dynamic team of lawyers, medical experts, and staff to take your fight all the way to the end.

We all have a loved one who has suffered from cancer or some other disease. It’s incredibly devastating when it’s discovered that the very medication they took to heal has, instead, caused them so much pain. We are here to help anyone who has been injured by dangerous or defective drugs and medical devices, and make those responsible pay.

Exceptional Lawyers

Our lawyers spend all day litigating against some of the biggest corporations. Let us fight for you.

Medical Experts

We hire highly skilled medical experts to give us the dynamic advantage.

Dedicated Staff

At Levin Citron Rodal, we are proud that our staff fight just as hard as the attorneys do.

I'm concerned my medication may be dangerous. What do I do now?

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Every lawyer at Levin Citron Rodal, PLLC litigates against some of the largest corporations on a daily basis. We take pride in how much we care and how hard we fight. Meet our attorneys and schedule a free consultation.